Newcastle Connections not only services travelling families and individuals, we also deliver effective and sustainable Transport Solutions for Event Connections. We aid large groups travelling for planned social and business occasions. Whether the main event is a sporting competition, Business conference or special affair, Newcastle Connections takes care of the organisation and well being of those involved.

Skip the disturbance of communal transportation and terminal wait times with your preferred agenda being our main priority. Our experienced and certified drivers ensure comfortable travel, with established time frames set at your convenience and leisure. Appreciate the perks of Staff and Team transportation, while we ensure you reach your destination with time to spare.

Need Accommodation for large groups? Newcastle Connections can arrange a number of different solutions based on your needs, within a central location and at discounted prices.

Downer Group Shuttle Bus

As Newcastle is rapidly growing with new infrastructure and construction measures, many residents have struggled with closures and the inconvenience of transport throughout town. Downer exist to create and sustain the modern environment, working closely with their customers to help them succeed through world leading insights and solutions. Newcastle Connections has teamed up with Downer Group, to bring the residents of Newcastle CBD a community based, residential Shuttle Bus.

Running 16 hours a day, 7 days a week, Newcastle Connections has successfully eased the frustrations of those affected by the events of urban renewal in the CBD. We successfully deliver a friendly service through effective schedules, concierge facilities and reliable drivers.

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